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Aziza & the Cure
"Drift like a cloud, flow like water" 
A musical marriage, Aziza & the Cure is led by wife and husband, Joelle and River Rouen. Violinist extraordinaire, electric bassist, and enchanting vocalist, Joelle's tremendous talent is keenly complemented by River's artistry of guitar, sophisticated verses, and vital musicality.
Blending influences from Classical, Jazz, Hip Hop, New Orleans, and Latin Music traditions, Aziza & the Cure creates a deeply rooted, transcendent blend of music that evokes an earthly paradise, dissolves boundaries, and reinvents genre to create a new roots music that uplifts with every listen. 
Stream their latest EP, Bringin' Music Back, on Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube.
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The Call - Aziza & the Cure
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"Unforgettable Melodies" 
-Pete Mignola
 Emmy winning Sound Engineer 
"Symphonic Magic"
-Black Star News
"Easy to Fall in Love with"
-Buzz and Howl
"Uplifts me with each listen"
-Ear Buddy
"Hits all the right spots" 
-Tilt Magazine
"Blew me away"
-Stereo Spork
"Keep a close eye on them"
-Music is My Life
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